FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Will my belongings be safe?
    Our storage site offers full surveillance for all storage units. During the day, our staff is on hand to answer questions and maintain the security of the storage site.
Is there a fence?
    Our entire site is surrounded by chain link fencing topped with barbed wire. This helps to ensure that your valuables and items are secure.
Who will have access to my unit?
When you rent with us, your unit will be securely padlocked and only you will have the key. Even we don't have access to your storage space.
How long can I store for?
    We require a minimum of one month's storage. You can store your belongings with us for as long as you need after that.
What about insurance on my property?
    We do not provide insurance on your stored goods.  You should check with your own insurance agent for coverage of your possessions while in storage.
What payment methods will you accept?
    We accept cash or post-dated cheques as payment for your storage needs. We also accept debit and major credit cards.
What can be stored in a unit?
    Household furniture, books, files, camping equipment; and sporting goods may be stored.  Items that do not meet safety requirements such as hazardous or toxic materials. or anything that is combustible or explosive in nature such as a can of gasoline or cans of paint, are not permitted.